Innovative, effective and sustainable technology and logistics for forest residual biomass -  Summary of the INFRES project results



INFRES Newsletter 1: Customers and markets of forest biomass

INFRES Newsletter 2: Forest Biomass recovery and improvements

INFRES Newsletter 3: Four succesfull international supply chain demonstrations

INFRES Newsletter 4:  Assessing bioenergy and its EU-wide impacts

INFRES Newsletter 5: Fuel wood quality optimization through drying models and sorting tools

INFRES Newsletter 6: Specification of wood chips and hog fuel by EN ISO 17225 standards

INFRES Newsletter 7:More demonstrations in 2013-2014:stumps and small trees

INFRES Newsletter 8: Supply chain performance and re-engineering

INFRES Newsletter 9: Demonstartion Galore

INFRES Newsletter 10:Technological and economic barriers in innovation

INFRES Newsletter 11:Potential of innovation and inventions

INFRES Newsletter 12:Risk assessment and measures to overcome barriers to the commercialization of inventions




Development of technology and quality improvement

Report Technology push – technologies for the  residual biomass harvest for the future

Report A prediction model prototype for estimating optimal storage duration and sorting 

Report Full supply chain performance and re-engineering report

Report An operator tutoring system for optimal blade maintenance


Adapting existing forestry practices for improved biomass production

Report Customers and markets of forest biomass of the future

Report Adapted forestry practices for improved biomass recovery

Report Coupled vs. De-coupled Logistics for Wood Chip Production

Report Test bench model for logistical business analysis

Report Novel business and service models of the forest biomass supply

Report Analyses of forest management systems for increased harvest of small trees for energy purposes in Sweden


From demonstrations to practice

Demo reports 1-3

  • Two stage  grinding of woody biomass
  • Smart chipper demo in Germany
  • Pezzolato chipper truck demo in Sweden

Demo reports 4-7

  • Efficiency of integrated grinding and screening of stump wood for fuel at roadside landing with a Crambo 6000 grinder equipped with a star screen
  • Harwarders for thinning hardwood  plantations in Italy
  • Multi‐tree harvesting head in Catalonia
  • Studies and demonstration on the use of a novel prototype harvester head in early fuel wood thinnings


Demo reports 8-23

    • Stump drilling demo in Finland
    • Forest biomass recovery in Alpine forests
    • Success factors for forest fuel terminals
    • Demonstration of a High Capacity Vehicle for chips transport at Political week in Almedalen
    • Drying of wood chips in a warm air dryer
    • Lipe Multipurpose Chip Truck and Semi‐trailer Equipped with Electronic Trailer Steering System
    • Harvesting operations in hard wood  dominated stands using the energy wood felling head Naarva EF28
    • Studies and demonstartion on the use of a bundle-harvested system in early fuel wood thinnings
    • Semi-automated process analysis of wood chip supply using a fleet management system
    • Joint demonstration of the large nine axle chip truck-trailer unit and the fhybrid chipper
    • Un-motorized full suspension carriage for increasing cable yarding efficiency
    • Trasport logistics software for wood chip firms
    • Wood chip drying using biogas heat in Germany
    • Using synthetic cable for wood and biomass extraction in Catalonia
    • Comparative study of a loading unit compression and a conventional forwarder at transportation of bulky woody biomass
    • Demonstration of good terminal logistics and high capacity transports



Prototype of  hybrid technology chipper


Report Location barter may reduce forest fuel transportation cost

Report Destinering och lägesbyten för att effektivisera transporterna av skogsflis

List of all main fairs and demos in the participating countries



Sustainability of forest biomass feedstocks

Report Description of the assessment framework with indicator and scenario specification

Report  Impact Assessment on Carbon dynamics, forest growth and

productivity, water quality, and biodiversity

Report Documenting sustainability impacts of scenarios for different fuel sources and procurement technologies

Report Biomass from forests – cost estimation of complete supply chains 



Technology foresight and barriers of innovation

Report Technological and economic barriers to introduce and apply

innovations in forest energy sector

Report Development potential of inventions in forest biomass harvesting

Report Plan for promoting the demonstrated systems and technologies for further development 




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Dissemination Documents:

Available information to public at project webpage

Projct promotional material and templates

Plan for use and dissemination of foreground

Procedings of workshops

Report on innovative, effective and sustainable technology and logistict for forest residual biomass

Managemet of The Project:

Project management tools

Minutes of General Assembly 1

Minutes of General Assembly 2

Minutes of General Assembly 3

Ethical approval by the legal local Ethics Board


Demo-movie of the full suspension carriage:

Testing the NAARVA EF28 in Austria:

German version:

English version:

Demo of the prototype MAMA-head

Demo of the multipurpose wood chip semi-trailer

Demo: Innovative Container Wood Chip Drying Using Biogas Heat



Peer-reviewed articles:

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Articles in newspapers and magazines

Energiahanketta johdetaan Joensuusta. Karjalainen, 11.9.2012, p. 10. (in Finnish)

INFRES - We keep the EU's forest energy promises. EFInews, no 2, vol.20, Dec 2012, p. 24.


Ny teknik gör stubbflisen intressant  ATL  9.4.2013  (in Swedish)


Demo av lönsam grovkrossning Vision 2/2013  (in Swedish)


New technologies for drum chippers Bioenergy International No 65, 3 2013.