Technology foresight and barriers of innovation




The development of 
 depends highly on
 of innovative technologies for biomass harvesting, process and transport. The main objective is, thus, to facilitate the future innovation process in forest biomass supply and enable the penetration of innovations into practice. The group will elaborate on the technological and economic barriers to introduce and apply innovations in the forest energy sector where promising innovations proceed slowly into product implementation and market penetration. The group will even present suggestions on how the innovations that will be developed in this project can overcome the barriers encountered and reach commercialization and perform a risk assessment to estimate the side effects of not bringing interesting inventions to practical application. Finally, the group will take into account the stage of development of the biorefinery technologies and develop scenarios for the potential markets of forestry residues for biorefineries and energy use.

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Dimitris Athanassiadis

SLU Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Skogsmarksgränd, SE- 901 83 UMEÅ, Sweden