Research themes

The overall purpose of INFRES is to promote and support the use of biomass from forests, and solve the identified problems in the innovation process by developing, improving and demonstrating new technologies in different forestry environments.

INFRES uses four main steps to promote and demonstrate novel innovations including:

  1. SEEK innovations,
  2. REFINE them into products/services,
  4. EVALUATE their competitiveness and sustainability.

At first, areas of innovation and emerging innovations are sought along the biomass supply chain. This has been largely done during the project proposal writing and the process continues as INFRES is ongoing. Then INFRES refines them into demonstrable products or services. Subsequently the most promising innovations are demonstrated in their country of origin or they are transferred to other countries for demonstration. Finally, the outcomes of generic and demonstrated results and solutions are evaluated from both the techno-economic perspectives and their sustainability.

The scientific work is divided into five different work packages, which have their specific objectives, work plan and deliverables.

Future technology, logistics and storage of forest energy

Business innovations and adaptation of forestry practices to bioenergy supply

Demonstrations and means of technology transfer

Sustainability of forest biomass feedstocks

Technology foresight and barriers of innovation

Dissemination and exploitation