INFRES-Sister Project: LogistEC


About project


The LogistEC project aims to develop new or improved technologies of the biomass logistics chains. Cost-efficient, environmental-friendly and socially sustainable biomass supply chains are needed to achieve the 2020 EU RES targets that might be impeded by the potential scarcity of lignocellulosic biomass from agriculture. The project covers all types of lignocellulosic crops: annual and multi-annual crops, perennial grasses, and short-rotation coppice.


Project overview


A project analyses all biomass value chain components and assess the sustainability in terms of environmental, economic and social impacts.


It will enable to a multi-criteria optimization of the supply chains, making the most of the progresses achieved in the new logistics technologies. The optimization system will be developed and tested in a set of bio-energy and bio-materials case-studies across Europe. Improved logistics will be demonstrated at pilot and industrial scales in 2 regions (Eastern France and Southern Spain) for existing bio-energy and bio-materials value chains. All technology developments will be carried out with industrial partners, to speed up their transfer to market.


How to achieve it?


Through specific meta-analyses, laboratory tests, field trials, ecosystem modelling and mechanical engineering, the project will deliver recommendations for optimal technologies as well as new equipments and systems.


Main project deliverables


•           Innovative cropping systems to enhance the sustainability of feedstock production

•           Adaptations of agricultural machinery for cost-efficient biomass harvesting and handling

•           Characterization of new pre-treatment technologies to densify biomass prior to transport

•           Optimization of supply-chain transport logistics and sustainability assessment

•           Demonstration of improved process operations for all the steps from harvesting to transport at pilot scale


More information:

INRA (France)

Benoit GABRIELLE – Coordinator

Phone : +33 1 30815551