Sister projects of INFRES:

European Union FP 7 program has financed three different biomass related projects. INFRES have got two sister projects, and we are co-operating with them intensively.

•INFRES concentrates to  Forest Residues

•LogistEC concentrates to Short rotation biomass

EuroPruning concentrates to Pruning residues


Projects will arrange work-shops and seminars together, and the first joint work-shop will be arranger in November 2013 in Paris.



 Coordinators of sister projects: Benoit Gabrielle (LogistEC), Antti Asikainen (INFRES) and Daniel García Galindo (EuroPruning) .   




Other related Projects:


SECTOR  (Production of Solid Sustainable Energy Carriers from Biomass by Means of TORrefaction) is a large-scale European project with a strong consortium of 21 partners from industry and science. The project is focused on the further development of torrefaction-based technologies for the production of solid bioenergy carriers up to pilot-plant scale and beyond, and on supporting the market introduction of torrefaction-based bioenergy carriers as a commodity renewable solid fuel.

Coordinator: Deutsches Biomasseforschungszentrum gGmbH