INFRES, EUROPRUNING and LOGISTEC final  seminar in  May 19th , Rome, Italy

The event will be broadcast. Please find here the webcasting event link:

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INFRES, EUROPRUNING and LOGISTEC joint seminar & workshop in Valladolid, Spain

INFRES, LogistEC and EuroPruning participated in the “IX International Bioenergy” Conference October, 21st in Valladolid, Spain (within “Expobiomasa” exhibition fair). First session of the seminar: "Advances in baling, storage, pelletization and torrefaction to increase the competitiveness of bioenergy" consist of the presentations of all sister projects. The presentations can be uploaded from the conference web page:

In the same event was held a joint workshop about storage and densification topics.  


INFRES WORKSHOP in Gerardmer, France  September 23rd 2014 

In the frame of FEC‐FORMEC 2014, INFRES organised a workshop on “Adaptation of forestry practices  and business innovations for Bioenergy supply” in Gérardmer, France.

The INFRES workshop targeted academic and all actors in the forestry sector, as well as other stakeholders that are actively involved, or have an interest, in the field of forest biomass and forest fuel. It was held as a special pre‐conference event on 23 September, just before the ice‐breaking reception.


Workshop presentations are available here:

1.                         INFRES – Competitiveness for forest energy through technology, logistics, fuel quality and energy product portfolio. Antti Asikainen & Johanna Routa (METLA, Finland)

2.                         Forest management systems for increased harvest of small trees for energy purposes. Johan Sonesson, Staffan Jacobson, Lars Eliasson, Lars Wilhelmsson, & John Arlinger (Skogforsk, Sweden). 

3.                         BioGas Woodchip Drying Innovation for Reduced Bioenergy Production Cost. Juliana Walkiewicz, Eric Jessup &  Matthias Dees (Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg, Germany)

4.                         Improved BioMass Market Efficiency and Price Discovery from Online Auctions. Taner Turkmengil, Eric Jessup   & Matthias Dees (Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg, Germany)

5.                         Feasibility of Adapting Existing Forestry Practices for Improved Biomass Production. Matthias Dees & Eric Jessup (Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg, Germany)

6.                         TCS – An operational system for control and optimization of forest biomass logistics. Teemu Mustonen & Matti Tuukkanen (ECOMOND, Finland)




Demonstration at 16.5.2014 will be held in Umeå, Sweden. The demonstration will be in Swedish. Please download the Invitation here.


General Assembly Meeting

INFRES General Assembly Meeting will be arranged in 20th of March 2014 at Hengelo, Netherlands. All partners have been invited with personal invitations and we expect active participating! Welcome all INFRES partners!



The International Symposium on Forestry Mechanisation, in short FORMEC, is one of the most important scientific meetings in forest engineering. The 46th edition of FORMEC, held at the conference venue “Zum Alten Fritz” in Stralsund/Germany, on 30 September 30 – 2 October 2013, focused in particular on forest harvesting systems, wood transportation, forest road network planning and construction, environmental effects of forest operations, and forest worksciences. Back-to-back with FORMEC 2013 a field trip was organised to the KWF-Focus Days, where practical demonstrations of environmentally sound management of wet forest sites were given. The combination of conference and field trip drew an audience of more than 100 participants from 20 different countries to Germany.

FORMEC 2013 covered two conference days, with a total of 12 parallel sessions (6 sessions in each of the two conference rooms). The third session in the “Sudhaus” room, at the end of the first conference day (16:30-18:30 hr), was fully dedicated to INFRES. The 2-hour INFRES session covered the following oral presentations (names of presenters in italics):


1. Large scale multi-criteria optimization of forestry biomass supply networks - Christian


2. Precision Measurement of Forest Harvesting Residue Moisture Change by Constant

Weight Monitoring - Johanna Routa, Marja Kolström , Karri Pasanen, Johanna

Ruotsalainen and Lauri Sikanen

3. Predicting the moisture content in beech and oak logwood piles for energy purposes -

Gernot Erber

4. Multivariate prediction models for moisture content of energy wood - Veli-Pekka

Heiskanen, Jyrki Raitila

5. A GIS-based comparison of alternatives for long distance transportation of energy wood

from young forests in Finland - Mikko Nivala, Perttu Anttila, Juha Laitila

6. Utilizing machine vision in wood chip quality analysis - Maunu Toiviainen, Jyrki Raitila,

Juho Riekkinen






Demonstrations in Eastern Finland 


Metla has tested and studied integrated stump crushing and screening with Crambo 6000 equipped with star screen in Juva on week 32. The aim of the study was to test crushing and pre-crushing of stumps at roadside landing and analyse the properties of fuel chips and screening waste. Work was made with machinery of  Kärkimurskaus Oy, and the work sites was arranged by UPM Forest and Forest management association Metsä-Savo. Fuel chips was transported to Mikkeli CHP-plant and pre-crushed stumwood was transported to Pieksämäki terminal.


demos_1 demos_2demos_3




Konepaja Antti Ranta Oy has participated in the exhibition Kuljetus 2013 in Jyväskylä 23-25.5.2013.

Truck body and semitrailer on dolly for transportation of woodchips were demonstrated on the open space of the Exhibit Centre. Demonstration had a lot of visitors at our stand who had explored our new technology. New innovation is: Semitrailer, which is equipped with one rising and two electronically force-controlled axels that eases the operation of the truck in the wood on tight roads.  Semitrailer and the body are also equipped with the rising side walls to enable transportation of other goods besides woodchips. New innovation make easier to drive the truck with semitrailer to the storage place, where it will be filled with the wood chips from the chipper, as the result - more effective and diverse use of truck and saving of time in woodchip transportation.


INFRES Demonstrations in Sweden- Welcome! 13.3.2013


Within the INFRES project Skogforsk and VTT arranges a coarse grinding / two stage grinding demo in Sweden. The demo will take place on Thursday, April 4th between 11am and 15pm, in Mackmyra located roughly 120 km north of Uppsala. We will show a coarse grinder feeding a drum sieve feeding a high speed grinder. This means that we will be simulating the two stage grinding supply chain used in northern Sweden where coarse grinding and sieving is made prior to road transport and final grinding at the heating plant. Alternatively we will show a coarse grinder that feeds a sieve separating chips smaller than 50 mm (accept fraction) from oversized particles that are returned to the grinder using a conveyor, as well as regrinding of previously coarse ground stumps using a high speed crusher.


More information:

Lars Eliasson


Uppsala Science Park

SE-751 83 Uppsala

Tel: 018 - 18 85 25